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Sony a6000 and 150mm - 6oomm Lens

Discussion in 'Photography Gear' started by Ron, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Hi all I know there are at least 4 a6000s in the group. Has anyone used the Tamron or Sigma lenses with these cameras? any comments welcome.
  2. Hi Ron
    I haven't used either of these lenses but I have tried a Tamron 90mm macro on both Viltrox and Sigma MC-11 adapters, and a Sigma 17-70mm on the MC-11.
    The Tamron + Viltrox combination didn't work at all. With the MC-11 there is aperture control but no AF.
    The Sigma lens and MC-11 adapter work well with full AF functions, with the possible exception of eye detection which I've yet to try.
    Sigma list both their 150-600mm zooms as supported on the MC-11 so I'd be ok with either of them. However I would steer clear of the Tamron.
    I've no experience of Metabones adapters which, for all I know, may work well with Tamron lenses.
    Hope that helps a little.
  3. Thanks Keith For this information. I am hoping the other Sony users can also throw a bit of information this way so will wait to see what they say.
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