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Sony A6500

Discussion in 'Photography Gear' started by Keith, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Hands up all those who are now pleased they didn't rush to trade their A6000s for A6300s when they were introduced just seven months ago.
    Now we have the A6500 with features which it was hoped would be included in the A6300, namely IBIS and a touch screen.
    The in body stabilisation interests me the most and it's strange that just seven months ago Sony was saying there was no room for it in A6 series bodies.
    Will I be upgrading when the A6500 gets to the shops in November? Probably not, I'll be waiting to see some reviews and for the price to drop a bit.
    Speaking of price, here in the UK you can pre-order one for £1499, whereas in the USA B&H in New York have a price of just $1399. This surely can't be all down to a difference in taxes and I wonder how it will be priced in Australia.
  2. Keith I was told it could be in the range of $1500AUD Lynne said can she exchange her OMD EM-10 for one? My a6000 does me very nicely thank you very much. I ordered an 8mm fisheye today to suit.
  3. Looks like a nice camera.....getting close to the point where I might even be persuaded to change systems but still a few things to sort yet. Fuji also doing well.
  4. My friend Pip has a Fuji and is turning out some very nice quality photos. He even bought a later model when it came out.
  5. Digital Camera Warehouse, a provider to professionals in Melbourne has the most competitive prices I've seen. Sony A6500 $2095.00.
    US price $1399/.75 = Au$1865. Surely duty can't account for the difference.

    When you consider the price of the A6000 at AU$739, that price still has to be the bargain of a lifetime. It's very hard to justify AU$1356 for IBIS and a poorly executed touch screen:(.
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