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Community Edit Sunset V Clouds

Discussion in 'Community Editing' started by Crixxtachi, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,
    This shot was taken seconds after my Sunset infused shot but the sun had already dipped so the clouds didnt have all the colours, but this interesting cloud formation was there.

    I have been struggling to improve this photo to make it look as vibrant as it actually looked.
    I suspect I didnt use the right settings while taking the shot.

    Please edit and lets see how good it can look.

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  2. This is probably nothing like it actually looked but it's about the best my imagination can do without going OTT, or maybe it is OTT already!
    Done in Photoshop by adding a new blank layer with blend mode Color then painting with red over what I thought were the appropriate areas.
    I tried several shades of red at different opacities before settling on this version.

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  3. Done good Keith
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