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Monthly Challenge The Reshoot Challenge

Discussion in 'Monthly Challenges' started by John Davenport, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Nicely done Don. Removed the power lines too!
  2. Thanks, John. Courtesy of SnapHeal Pro.
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  3. I put in a request for sunrise to be at 10:00am but with my past record I think it's being ignored. Maybe Don has better connections and can put a word in for me.
    As for the reshoot, perspective aside, I like the second shot better and would like it a whole lot more if that stop sign wasn't quite so prominent.

  4. Just for you, John - two versions without the stop sign. Interesting to note the changing colour as the light changes. The two new shots were taken only 90 seconds apart and from a slightly different position.

    By the way, most drivers go through that intersection like the stop sign wasn't there. :(

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    #24 Don Barton, Jan 10, 2017
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  5. Don, if you think about it, this is a completely rational thing to do. We drivers are so bombarded with signs that reading them all can be quite hazardous for the average to slow reader. So, rather than cause an accident by virtue of reading the signs, one simply ignores them and concentrates on the business of keeping the vehicle on the made way.
  6. That's better. Now if only we could have some consistency in our road rules. In NSW the markings on that intersection would signify "give way".
    To indicate "stop" the line would be thicker and unbroken. Woe is me.
  7. From what I can see the line IS thicker and unbroken on the left of the road. You guys do drive on the left dont you?
  8. @Don Barton "the first photo was an autumn shot taken mid afternoon in May 2014. The second was taken this morning (11 Jan 2017)"

    Very good reshoot, Don.
    Not only did you shoot at different times of the year, but the reshoot is better in all aspects. 1) Nice soft lighting compared to the harsh lighting of the original (with the accompanying shadows & blown highlights) 2) beter composition - less of the streets 3) better editing, e.g. the telephone lines disappeared into the lovely coloured sky!

    I think this is what John D had in mind.
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  9. I think you'll find that marks off a parking area. The line in question is the broken line across the traffic lane. And yes, last time I looked we still drive on the left.
  10. John, looking at this image, it is clear that that is a crossroads (intersection) and the left side of the roads have thick unbroken lines with the right sight being broken white lines, cant see a parking area but Im sure Don will confirm?

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  11. I hate to say it but I think you are right. Probably need a couple less Drambuie's before I comment.
  12. Back to the challenge. A while back I submitted a shot of a dripping tap. This reshoot is a different tap in a different location and time of day / night but the water is the same as last time. The shots were taken with different rate of drip, the camera set to f/36 100 ISO and 2 sec exposure. The flash was set to a couple of different flash percentages and a reflash rate of between 20 and 30 flashes / sec. I triggered the camera then held the test button down on the flash to achieve the multiple drop effect. The last two shots are of a single drop, stopped by the recurring flash. I will try it again with the camera closer to the water.

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  13. I like the second reshoot shot, with the dripping water frozen (this is closest to your original shot) and the second last shot with the single drop (I like the black background caused by the flash & the camera is near enough to show the single drops).
  14. Good shots, John. The last two stop-motion shots are very well considered. TFS
  15. Hey John very interesting shots of an ordinary every day subject that until someone does what you did would never give it a second thought except to turn it off. Well done mate and thanks for the inspiration to get the camera out again at this time of the year.
  16. What a nice reshoot! Somehow I'm still looking for that solid black background as there seems to be some light leakage? But for a first attempt with the flash it is so much more impressive than the first water drop and actually a little exciting. Looking forward to the next iteration. Really well done!
  17. I thought this was a reshoot challenge, not a reshoot of the reshoot challenge.o_O
  18. What? Didn't I hear someone say: "I will try it again with the camera closer to the water." Sorry, must be my hearing going now! :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  19. Well I didn't say when.
  20. I've been (w)racking my brains to find something to reshoot.

    Eventually I remembered this shot from 26/02/2014 - some mushrooms in my garden. The original shot was taken with my 105mm macro lens (as is the reshoot) and my previous camera - a Nikon D300s. In February 2014 I've been photographing for nearly a year.

    Since I've had my D7200, I've taken nearly as many shots, as in the previous 3 years - 5250 shots, compared to 4000 shots over the last year and a half.

    The reshoot shots were taken with my D7200 & the same 105mm lens in my garden. The mushrooms appeared after a light rain over the weekend. I also experimented with using diffused off-camera flash, (for the first time) as well as shooting in live view (the close-up shot).

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