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Photo Share Two in the Bush

Discussion in 'Share Your Shots' started by Suz, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Found these lovely birds fighting over the berries on our Juniper tree today.

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  2. Great shots, especially the second. And they are??? and don't say birds.:p
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  3. Love the second shot Suz. the bird pops out at you. Had t look around to find the second bird in the first photo Well done.
  4. They are waxwings. Ive been chasing all over trying to find them with no luck! They are a winter visitor here from Scandivia feeding on the last of the berries.
  5. Wonderful Breezy! Now I don't have to say birds! Hope you find them, they are beautiful and quite fun to watch. In 20 years at this house we have never seen birds eating those berries. It was such a nice surprise after being house bound for three days due to ice and snow. Thanks for the feedback. :=)

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  6. Lovely shots and I do like the colouring of these "waxwing" "birds". We're so lucky to have such a knowledgeable group here.

    I feel your pain about being housebound by the snow and ice. I can go out to my car, I can drive to the supermarket which is almost the only snow and ice free area but we can't stop on the side of any road due to humoungous piles of snow (a pedestrian scared me yesterday while driving, walking on the road because the sidewalks are so hazardous) and even the park is a hazard to life and limb. As someone once said, "we are NOT amused" any longer; the novelty has long worn off.
  7. Great capture of the Waxwing with the berry in his mouth, Suz.

    I've seen our indigenous birds feeding on the Juniper conifer's berries, but have never managed to get one. They're all gone, before I can even press the shutter!
  8. Top quality capture, Suz. Sharp focus and perfect exposure.
  9. The novelty has certainly worn off Patricia. 8-12 new inches last night after things had just got cleared out. It is so unusual for Portland and brings everything to a virtual standstill. People here abandon their cars on the freeways and everywhere else - it's just nuts and a very different experience than my Midwest growing up experiences with snow. Not enough snowplows here!
    #9 Suz, Jan 11, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  10. I wasn't sure these would be sharp as the first and third shot were shot through the window - such pretty birds. Rene keep an eye out, they came back repeatedly throughout the afternoon.
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  11. Through the window? Well, if I get busy and clean the glass in my back patio door :rolleyes: then maybe might I too have a chance? o_O:rolleyes: (My backyard is so small that opening the door to go outside whenever I spot a Stellar's Jay or Cardinal, etc in the neighbour's tree causes them all to take flight. :(.) Or maybe not. Yes, I think because the door is all glass they can see me move around because I seem to remember they've taken flight even when I approached the door or moved to grab a camera. Ah, well. I can enjoy your pics vicariously. TFS :cool:
  12. Thankfully we were spared that dump but the continued sub zero C temps won't let the original dumps melt away. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.
  13. You ar
    It is a bit of a trial but looks like 20 degrees is down right balmy compared to your sub zeros! I have to say, with schools and a lot of businesses closed, people are having a really good time enjoying the snow. Me too now that we can actually walk around.
  14. Oh, no. You are in Portland, OR area aren't you? I'm a suburb of Vancouver. So your 20 degrees is F, my sub zero is C so our temps should be approx the same as your freezing point is 32F so your 20 is also sub zero in your F system. Last night was -9C so that is about 15.8 degrees F. I'm glad you can walk around now. We can but only in the commercial parking lots of the largest stores and the middle lanes of the main streets and highways. The main street to my grocery is 4 lane but two lanes are unusable because of the snow piled in the two curbside lanes but at least they are not pack ice like the sidewalks which are totally unusable. I tried to buy those icewalker crampons but they are totally sold out. Now that you can get out a bit hope you can enjoy yourself more. All the best.
  15. Ah, Vancouver, you do indeed catch my drift, ha,ha. I have some Yak Traxs, they have been a lifesaver! My husband needs some too. Stay upright!!
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