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Image Review Two York scenes

Discussion in 'Image Review' started by Keith, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. I've been trawling through my archives again and thought these were worth posting for your comments.
    Petergate was an attempt to show some of the various architectural styles in York all crammed into one photo. It was also an experiment using a Canon 70-200mm zoom on my Sony A6000 via a Viltrox adapter. I would advise anyone thinking of getting one of these adapters not to bother, unless they can put up with very slow AF.
    The shot of the cafe is my attempt at creative editing, a bit like Don's but with less vibrant colours.

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    #1 Keith, Jan 10, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
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  2. Im preferring number two Keith. It has just sufficient processing without becoming too 'Donified'. Number one may have been better as a portrait...I have a couple from exactly that location myself!
  3. Come one, guys! Too "Donified"? No such thing. Can't find this term on Google anywhere. :);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:D:eek::oops::rolleyes:o_O
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  4. Keith I think you brought out the most interesting details in the second shot very well. Lots of texture there to play with.
    I keep wanting to go to the ground level on the first shot and then out and up to the old buildings. It feels like the old buildings might need a bit more context to have impact but as you said you were playing with a zoom set up of some sort...hard not to use it ;=)
  5. Here I go in opposition again. Number 2 is good, no question. Number 1, on the other hand, has so much going on that it all sort of blends and marries together. It is a case of juxtaposition being juxtaposed with juxtaposition. I, for what it's worth, think it works extremely well. Maybe the signs should go but the rest is to be left as is.
  6. One is definitely crowded but I still like it somewhat. 2 would be nice but I find the processing off-putting. Again, a taste preference and not a reflection on you Keith or your tastes or skills.
  7. Love that you found time and room to include the whole gamut of emojis. :D:D:D
  8. Hi Keith, I like your editing of the cafe a lot, nice colours and not too over the top. I do think the image need's a bit of straightening.
    I agree with Graham, no 1 will look great as a portrait, this will put the focus on the older buildings at the back. As a portrait it will be my favourite of the two. Will work well in B&W too.
  9. Hi Keith, The first one would be for me as well in portrait because you would have better perspective on the different architectural style and you won't cut the shop title name. The second shot is very nice just that the sky is a bit too much edited. For my opinion.
  10. Thanks for all your comments everyone, much appreciated.
    To pick up on a couple of points; in #1 I wanted to concentrate on the buildings and to have extended the scene down towards street level would have brought in a lot of people, as it was I had to clone out the tops of two heads! A portrait format shot over the people isn't something I could manage unfortunately. John S got my intention spot on.
    I'm pleased the cafe edit was liked by almost everyone and I'll keep the effect in mind for any suitable images in the future.

    The building dates from the 1600s René and by now it's so wonky that, try as I might, I can't get it to look any straighter!:)

    That will be me, you and 50% of York's tourists then! For those who don't know York this is a popular street possibly best known among locals for a really good fish and chip shop!
  11. @Keith "A portrait format shot over the people isn't something I could manage unfortunately."

    Hi Keith, I meant for you to crop the image on both sides to fit portrait mode.
  12. Ah! I understand now. Something like this perhaps:-

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  13. Nah, leave it as it was. The effect is much better in the original. Not too keen on the grey and grey. There's no real contrast anywhere.
  14. Yeah, I agree. I think No 1 has more depth somehow and I like the warmer tones by including that building in the foreground right. An unusual photo but one that does have some character.
  15. As John & Patricia said; nah, I was wrong! The juxtaposition gets lost in the cropped, portrait edit. I do, however, quite like the B&W edit.
  16. Keith I can understand why you shot No 1 as you did but I feel a little un grounded. Maybe a shot of the people included to compare would help me. No. 2 I didn't really notice the sky but the disk on the roof I would try to clone out if I could but that is my thoughts. It sort of spoils the old look for me.
  17. Guess I'm the odd man out on this one. I think the comparison of architecture pops better in the portrait crop. All the pointy, pointy shapes from old and not so old are now concentrated and focused for me. The differences in material textures are more apparent now as well. An interesting reshoot would include street level with the portrait crop for me.
  18. Thanks Suz. Glad someone else would like to see this too
  19. Some interesting differences of opinion here, thanks everyone.
    The next time I'm in York I'll try and get a shot to ground level for comparison, but I suspect the people, and there are bound to be some, will detract from the buildings. We'll see!
    I think that colour makes the difference between the building styles more pronounced therefore the B&W version is heading for the bin; sorry René!
    Ron, the disk on the roof is actually a hanging cafe sign and hence an integral part of the building. That's not something I would normally clone out.
  20. I really like #1 and #3 but I would personally show all the blue as well as the reddish signs at the bottom or clone them out as only a portion shows. Notwithstanding a job well done. Personal Preference, I like #1 most.

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