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Monthly Challenge Your Photography Challenge For February - Circles

Discussion in 'Monthly Challenges' started by John Davenport, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. More Nyerimilang Park shots, taken inside the homestead

    Cup and Saucer 1.jpg Cup and Saucer.jpg Hats.jpg Powerboard.jpg
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  2. Now this is a great idea - it's a win-win situation.
    Thanks Lynne, but as John's idea is cheaper and easier, I'll try it first.
  3. You can buy a duck :) They eat slugs too.
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  4. Cheaper to start eating slugs.
  5. That's what my friend said too - or Silky chickens. I'll stick with John's suggestion for now & if more drastic action is required, I'll get ducks/chickens & as a last resort follow Lynne's advice.
  6. We used to put a saucer of beer out in the borders and the snails crawl in to the stuff and drown (Quite happily I would imagine). In fact they may have to get out several times to use the toilet before finally carking it.
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  7. I wish I could rent a duck, like renting a goat. Rene you probably don't want to know what I do to slugs. Chipmunks eat slugs but that is certainly not a recommendation - I hope they eat snails too. I found one in my garden yesterday.
    #88 Suz, Feb 17, 2017
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  8. Hi Rene and Suz if you put crushed eggs shells near your plants snails wont go near them as they don't like the feel of things rough
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  9. Susan, you are priceless. I enjoy your witty comments. They make my day, We had a friend who used to come out with humorous one liners that kept us in stitches. She had no idea where they came from but were appropriate for the occasion.
  10. Playing around w/ a cheap old lens today, and got some circles! Lens is a Ricoh Rikenon P 28-100mm f4 in (pseudo) macro mode.

    Attached Files:

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  11. Hey Mark. You got some circles alright but I'm not sure where the old lens comes in to it?
  12. A colourful collection there Mark
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  13. I think that the fact that one can get such a nice sharp image with an old cheap lens speaks for itself.
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  14. Apologies I f I have already submitted these. Taken on a walk along the pier at Lakes Entrance.

    _DSC6072.JPG _DSC6076.JPG _DSC6077.JPG _DSC6079.JPG _DSC6081.JPG _DSC6082.JPG
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  15. Ron one can never have too much laughter. ;+)) The life preserver is a standout for me.
    #96 Suz, Feb 18, 2017
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  16. Lovely jumble.
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  17. Thanks. Cheap old lenses does not necessarily mean bad lenses. But it's also a bit of a problem! If I stumble upon some interesting old lens that costs less than $20, it seems like... Well, why not get it? I have found some very nice ones this way, but I also have a box full of lens that I really need to unload to someone else to play with!
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  18. Here are a couple of versions of the same subject. They are both of magnetic ball bearings using a CanonT3i and a 55-250 mm lens. EXIF for both photos was, ISO1600, f/9.0, 250mm, 0.6 sec. The first is a straightforward photo using ambient room light, which was then edited in PS. The second was a partial accident. I was trying to get a closer shot and before realizing that I couldn't focus that closely, noticed that what showed in live view was sort of interesting. Almost like an x-ray image. Probably not for everyone, but still interesting. It appears like a couple of the magnets are not touching even though they were hanging like a necklace.
    Magnets 1.jpg Magnets 2.jpg
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  19. ...or diatomaceous earth (fossil remains). Lynne and Rene I personally haven't had great success with either but they are not toxic and help to a degree. ...or save up the snails and feed a duck somewhere?

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