PhoGro’s Seascape Inspired Lightroom Presets


PhoGro’s Lightroom Presets: The Colors of the Sea

Looking for a new way to process your seascape photographs? These 10 presets have been inspired by my own work along the New England coast and surrounding water features. While they were designed using seascapes, they are by no means exclusive for seascape photographs – see examples below!


Product Description

Looking for a quick and easy way to get some inspiration for your seascape photographs? These 10 Lightroom presets have been inspired by my own work with photographs from the New England coast and surrounding water features – I think you’ll love what they can do!

Each of these Lightroom presets creates its own unique look, while some will work best on soft long exposures, others will add grit and drama to cloudy skies. There’s a few that will add fog like effects and even one that will create some truly intense colors.

While each preset in this pack was inspired by seascape photography you are by no means restricted to using it on seascapes alone – try it on everything and see where it leads you.

Remember: Lightroom Presets are Starting Points

As with all presets, it’s important to remember, they are starting points not end points. Presets are a way to get inspired towards a new direction you might not have thought about on your own. So when you use these presets, or any other presets you might have, think of it as a tool for generating inspiration and not a one click solution to a photograph.

What Lightroom Presets Do You Get?

The following ten Lightroom presets are included in this package.

A Tropical Paradise
Hazy Morning
Ocean Breeze
Rocky Shores
Sandy Beach

The Beach House
The Fog Rolls In
The Storm is Coming
Waves in Motion

We’d love to see what you do with PhoGro’s Lightroom Presets!

Head on over to the forum and share your work with us. Let us know what preset you used and how you modified it to give the final image a bit of your own flavor.

Note: These presets require Lightroom 5 and above.


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