World Around Us


The World Around Us

This eBook contains five photography challenges designed to inspire and motivate you to get out and take photographs. Throughout these challenge you will learn how to plan your photo shoots before rushing out to capture a shot, you’ll develop skills to help you think critically about the photographs you do capture, and you will learn techniques that will help you perform valuable self evaluations on your own photography for continuous improvement.



Product Description

This eBook is a reincarnation of the content that made up PhoGro’s 2014 course The World Around Us. That course was designed to walk photographers through different photography challenges. At the end of each challenge the photographer would submit photographs for personalized feedback on their work.

While the course was popular (it sold out both in July of 2014 and January of 2015) the amount of work required to keep up with providing personalized feedback proved far too much to keep it going indefinitely. However, I didn’t want this content to go to waste, so I’ve modified it to work as an eBook. This eBook aims to teach you how to evaluate your own photography as well as providing you with a foundation for effective self evaluation of your own photography.

What You Get!

The World Around Us is broken up into six chapters. The first five chapters focus on specific photography challenges designed to inspire and motivate you to create a photograph on the given theme.

The final chapter walks you through some of the skills you can use to develop strong self evaluation techniques for your photography. These techniques will help you push your own boundaries as a photograph, isolate where you can improve, and teach you where to go to find helpful feedback on the web.

  • Chapter 1 – Reflections
  • Chapter 2 – Plant life
  • Chapter 3 – Paths
  • Chapter 4 – Insects
  • Chapter 5 – Sunset
  • Chapter 6 – Self Evaluation

The World Around Us is packed with great content designed to get you thinking more about why you’re making a photograph rather than just how a photograph should be taken. It’d be a great eBook for anyone who’s just starting to learn photography, but can also be valuable to a more advanced photographer who’s found themselves in a bit of a photography rut.

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